Crown to Cuff

Bespoke Suits for Sheffield & the Wider South Yorkshire Area

Some people around Sheffield are utterly convinced that off-the-rail suits are a fine alternative to well-fitted tailored suits, and often look just as good. We couldn’t disagree more! Here are just a few reasons why investing in bespoke suits is a much wiser idea than searching for something in a high-street store, whether you’re after wedding suits or suits for the workplace.

Top 5 Reasons to Invest in Tailored Suits in Sheffield

  1. Comfort – Bespoke suits are far more comfortable than off-the-rail suits as they are made to fit your body. While suits bought from any-old Sheffield retailer will be baggy in some places and too tight in others, tailored suits will always be a pleasure to wear, whether to your day-to-day office job or for a special occasion. 
  2. Look - You don’t need a trained eye to point out bespoke suits in a line-up. As they’re made to complement an individual’s figure, they look far smarter and more sophisticated than “one-cut-fits-all” suits. What’s more, an experienced tailor knows a whole host of tricks that can draw attention to or away from aspects of your physique that you either like or are insecure about.  
  3. Customisation – When you choose to invest in tailored suits, you have countless options to customise them and make them truly one-of-a-kind. From fabrics to the style of fit, buttons and lining to pocket details and stitching. The possibilities are almost endless. This is especially important when investing in wedding suits, which should be personalised and genuinely special, suiting your personality and showing off your tastes.
  4. Durability – Our suits are made from high quality fabrics sourced from some of the world’s most prominent, reputable textile manufacturers. As a result, they last a long time. Cheaper suits bought from a Sheffield retailer are likely to need replacing before one of our bespoke suits.
  5. Convenience – Many prospective clients are worried that investing in Crown to Cuff suits will be a long and inconvenient process. But what’s more convenient, having our tailors come to you to take measurements and fit a suit, or browsing countless Sheffield stores to find an off-the-rail suit that’s even close to what you’re looking for? We think it’s the former!

Convinced that tailored suits are a wise investment? Choose Crown to Cuff for bespoke suits and find out why we’re the Sheffield area’s tailor of choice.