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At Crown to Cuff, we redefine sartorial elegance by crafting bespoke suits for every occasion and event in Leeds, Sheffield, Leicester, Nottingham, Derby, York, Lincoln, Hull, Chesterfield, Coventry, London and beyond – including wedding suits, prom suits, business suits and suits for bodybuilders, athletes and all other body types and styles. Our bespoke tailor commitment to precision and style ensures that whether it’s a wedding, a business meeting, or a special celebration, you’ll exude confidence in tailored suits that speak to your individuality.

Crown to Cuff Bespoke | Occasions Image
Crown to Cuff Bespoke | Occasions Image

Tailored Wedding Suits | Envision Perfection

Your wedding day demands perfection, and so does your suit. Crown to Cuff specialises in tailoring high-end wedding suits that seamlessly blend comfort, style, and personality.

Your bride will take time finding “the dress”. So as her groom, you owe it to her to find tailored wedding suits for you and groomsmen that fit perfectly, allow you all to relax, feel comfortable and look incredible on the wedding photos.

Whether you envision a classic fit wedding suit with a traditional silhouette or a modern fit with contemporary flair, our expert bespoke tailor Gareth Beckwith ensures that your tailored wedding suits mirror your essence. Let your confidence radiate as you walk down the aisle, knowing your suit is an impeccable representation of your love story.

Prom Suits | Make a Statement and Redefine Elegance

Prom night is a chance to make a lasting impression, and Crown to Cuff helps you make it unforgettable. Our made to measure and bespoke prom suits capture your youthful spirit while maintaining a sense of sophistication. Ask us about our made to measure shirts, made to measure suits and made to measure overcoats to complete your look. From sleek modern fits to timeless classics, our tailor-made prom suits ensure you stand out on this memorable night.

Tailored Suits for Professionals | Business Attire for Tailored Professionalism

For the modern professional, first impressions matter. Crown to Cuff is the preferred bespoke tailor for ambitious individuals in Leeds, Sheffield, Leicester, Nottingham, Derby, York, Lincoln, Hull, Chesterfield, Coventry, London and across the UK. Our bespoke suits and made to measure suits for business professionals command attention and respect, enhancing your confidence in every business endeavour. Whether securing a new job or climbing the corporate ladder, our tailored suits for business ensure you’re dressed for success, turning heads for all the right reasons.

Crown to Cuff Bespoke | Occasions Image

Bespoke Suits for Athletes | Athletic Tailoring for Sculpted Physiques

Crown to Cuff’s expertise goes beyond traditional realms, as we proudly tailor suits for athletes with unique body shapes. As the official bespoke tailor to the Bradford Bulls and NABBA, we understand the distinct requirements of athletic figures. From bodybuilders to rugby players, our bespoke suits complement your physique with precision. Crafted to fit like a second skin, our suits for athletes epitomise comfort and style.

We developed our unique X Frame bespoke suits tailoring process for athletes after realising that most off the rack and even made to measure suits rarely fit competitive bodybuilders or athletes whose sport requires a unique physique, like rugby and bodybuilding.

Our uniquely vast range of fabrics and styles means we can create bespoke suits that showcase both your physique and your personality, making a strong statement wherever you want to show up looking your best and turning heads.

Among our past clients is Former Mr Universe winner, Gary Lister, who described his Crown to Cuff bespoke suit as fitting “like a glove”. We’ll make sure yours does too.

Experience Bespoke Tailored Excellence: Your Journey to Elegance Begins Today

Elevate your occasion with bespoke suits from Crown to Cuff. Whether you’re seeking wedding suits that mirror your love story, prom suits that make a statement, business attire that commands respect, or athletic tailoring that celebrates your physique, our expertise caters to every facet of your lifestyle.

Choose Crown to Cuff and we’ll travel to you for the fittings with a selection of exquisite fabrics to choose from. We’ll then craft your very own masterpieces, creating impeccable tailored suits to your precise measurements and specifications that fit comfortably and complement your figure.

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Crown to Cuff Bespoke | Occasions Image

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