Face to face visits
Meet the award winning tailor Mr Gareth Beckwith in the comfort of your own home
Home, office, gym meetings
Gareth will come visit you at your home/office or gym armed with a wide range of fabrics. He will also help with styling advice and guidance
Cover the whole of the country
Gareth covers the whole of the country so feel free to give him a call and book an appointment today
Exclusive X frame fit for athletes
Gareth’s exclusive X-Frame has been tailoring the most elite athletes around the country for over 26 years
Perfect wedding packages include bespoke, made to measure and formal hire
Build your perfect wedding package across bespoke suiting, made to measure suits or even formal higher combination
Bespoke shirts
Have a bespoke shirt made exactly to yours shape and size, with fully customisable collars, cuffs, trims and even embroidery which are all included in price
Tailor on your big day
Tailor on your big day (Gareth offers a very unique service by attending you on morning of your big day to make sure all wedding party are dressed correctly)
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Our Services

The X Frame

High-End Tailored Suits in Leeds, York, Sheffield, Derby, Nottingham, London and UK-wide

Welcome to Crown to Cuff, the epitome of bespoke tailoring in England. Our family-run business, led by Gareth Beckwith, a highly skilled bespoke tailor with over 27 years of experience, is proud to offer high-end handmade luxury in the form of bespoke tailored suits, made to measure suits, wedding suits, prom suits, bespoke shirts, made to measure shirts and made to measure overcoats. From our base in Leeds, we cater to fashion-conscious clients across the UK, including Sheffield, Leicester, Nottingham, Derby, York, Lincoln, Hull, Chesterfield, Coventry, London and beyond.

At Crown to Cuff, we embrace the rich tradition of high-end bespoke tailoring, much like the esteemed tailors of Savile Row. Our bespoke suits fit our clients like a glove, drawing compliments and praise wherever they’re worn. We offer a diverse range of fabrics and styles, from timeless classics to modern trends, ensuring every piece is a reflection of your individual style and taste.

Crown to Cuff Bespoke | Home image
Crown to Cuff Bespoke | Home Image

Bespoke Suits & Bespoke Shirts | Exquisite Tailoring by Family Tradition

Bespoke suits have a history steeped in tradition and craftsmanship. Crown to Cuff is a family business rooted in a history of bespoke tailoring excellence. Gareth Beckwith, the visionary behind our brand, traces his passion for tailoring back to his grandfather, a talented tailor, and his great grandfather, a master tailor. This rich heritage forms the foundation of our commitment to quality and craftsmanship.

Each of our bespoke suits takes shape through the hands of skilled artisans. From the initial measurements to the creation of unique patterns for every client, the process ensures a suit that transcends fashion trends and stands the test of time.

We take pride in being the official tailor to NABBA Athletes and the Bradford Bulls, a professional rugby league club. Our bespoke suits cater to a diverse clientele, including businessmen, bodybuilders and athletes, ensuring a perfect fit that accentuates their physique and style. Read more About Us.

Bespoke Tailor | The Unique Crown to Cuff Process | Craftsmanship and Convenience Combined

At Crown to Cuff, we make the process of acquiring your dream bespoke suit or bespoke shirts simple and convenient. Gareth Beckwith, our expert bespoke tailor, brings his expertise directly to you, wherever you are in the UK, be it your home, office, or gym. Our free consultations allow you to explore a vast selection of high-end fabrics and custom linings, while also receiving in-depth styling guidance for your personalised garment.

With complete control over the process, you can choose to be hands-on in designing your garment or trust bespoke tailor Gareth’s expert advice. The highlight of our Crown to Cuff bespoke service is the measuring and fitting process, a retail theatre that showcases Gareth’s 27+ years of industry knowledge.

Depending on your choice, we offer different turnaround times, with express options available on request. Visit our Process page for more details.

Crown to Cuff Bespoke | Home Image

Unforgettable Moments, Tailored to Perfection | Wedding Suits & Prom Suits

Crown to Cuff excels in creating bespoke suits for special occasions. Whether it’s your wedding day, prom night, or a significant business event, our tailored suits ensure you look and feel your best. We specialise in crafting wedding suits that align perfectly with your wedding theme and create lasting memories. For the youth attending proms, our made-to-measure prom suits make a stylish statement, offering a perfect fit to complement their partners’ custom-made prom dresses. Visit our Wedding Suits and Prom Suits pages for details.

Luxury Materials for Impeccable Style | Tailored Masterpieces with Personal Touch

At Crown to Cuff, we believe the foundation of a perfect suit lies in the fabric. We offer an extensive range of high-end fabrics, carefully curated to meet the preferences of the modern gentleman. From luxurious wools to sumptuous silks, our collection caters to all styles and occasions, ensuring that your bespoke suits or bespoke shirts are true masterpieces. Our Fabrics page has more information.
Crown to Cuff bespoke suits are more than just clothing; they are crafted masterpieces that tell a story. Each suit is meticulously designed, cut, and stitched to your exact measurements, reflecting your personality and style. Our bespoke shirts are equally exquisite, with the option to customise collars, cuffs, and even add custom embroidery. Read more about Crown to Cuff Bespoke.

Crown to Cuff Bespoke | Home Image

Celebrating Recognition and Excellence | Awards, Accolades & Celebrity Clients

At Crown to Cuff, we take pride in our craft and the recognition it has garnered over the years. We’ve been honoured with prestigious awards, celebrating our commitment to excellence in bespoke tailoring and customer satisfaction. Visit our Awards page.

Crown to Cuff has earned a reputation as the go-to bespoke tailor for celebrities and sportspeople. Our specialisation in bespoke suits for bodybuilders and athletes has brought us close to renowned names in the industry. See our extensive list of celebrities and athletes who have experienced the Crown to Cuff difference on our Celebrities page.

Made to Measure Suits, Shirts & Overcoats in Leicester, Lincoln, Hull, Chesterfield, Coventry and UK-wide

For a tailored look with a faster turnaround, our made-to-measure suits offer an ideal solution. Embodying the essence of Crown to Cuff craftsmanship, these suits are tailored to perfection, with fewer fittings and a wide range of fabrics and styles to choose from. View our Made to Measure Suits options.

A well-fitted shirt is a hallmark of elegance. Our made-to-measure shirts ensure the perfect fit, combining impeccable craftsmanship with a wide array of customisation options, including collars, cuffs, and embroidery. See our Made to Measure Shirts styles.

An overcoat is not just winter wear; it’s an extension of your style. Our made-to-measure overcoats cater to your preferences, whether you seek warmth in winter or a lightweight layer for other seasons, ensuring you stay sophisticated year-round. Check out our Made to Measure Overcoats.

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Visit our blog to read our latest news and updates, delve deeper into the nuances of bespoke vs made-to-measure tailoring and discover the benefits of clothing designed to fit your unique shape and style. View our Gallery for inspiration and ideas or to preview our workmanship.

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Contact Crown to Cuff today to book your free consultation with Gareth Beckwith, our master bespoke tailor. Check the areas we cover page for home fittings. Areas we cover include Leeds Sheffield, Leicester, Nottingham, Derby, York, Lincoln, Hull, Chesterfield, Coventry, London and beyond.

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