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High-End Bespoke Suits in Leeds, Sheffield and the Wider UK

Crown to Cuff Bespoke tailors beautiful bespoke suits for fashion-conscious clients all across the UK, proving especially popular in areas surrounding our hometown of Leeds, including Sheffield and Manchester. Our highly experienced team of tailors offer high-end, handmade luxury in the form of tailored suits, all of which can be cut from a range of fabrics and in a variety of styles, from the classic to the modern.

While we tailor wedding suits and garments for other special occasions, our suits can be worn anywhere. Many of our clients are Leeds, Sheffield and London professionals working in all sorts of industries. We also sell high-end shoes, shirts and ties, in addition to stunning cufflinks, pocket watches and other types of jewellery, all designed to put the finishing touches to your ensemble.

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Why Buy Bespoke Suits or Shirts?

Suits bought “off-the-rack” from a Leeds or Sheffield retailer will never fit you perfectly. They’re designed to fit a generic frame, and as such are often too loose in some areas, and too tight in others. Everybody is different, after all. Bespoke suits are professionally tailored to you and only you. This makes them far more attractive on an aesthetic level, and also far more comfortable.

Our tailored suits are also longer-lasting and can be customised to your taste. We use a range of high-end fabrics and offer options including monogramming, and a vast selection of buttons, trimmings and linings. If you live in Leeds, Sheffield or anywhere else in the UK for that matter, if you’re looking for timeless, traditional tailored suits, or perhaps modern fit wedding suits – Crown to Cuff can create something that you’ll be dying to show off to your friends and family.

We also sell comfortable and luxurious bespoke shirts, which are the perfect way to complete Crown to Cuff’s bespoke suits. Just like off-the-rack suits, off-the-rack shirts are generic and often unflattering. We’ll work closely alongside you to create something that you’ll be proud to wear, a shirt precisely moulded to your figure and sense of style. Whether you’re planning on wearing it on your wedding day, or on a day-to-day basis to an office around Leeds or Sheffield, we’ll ensure you walk away with a shirt that’ll be the envy of anyone who sees it!

Bespoke Suits for Bodybuilders and Athletes

There are very few tailors in Leeds, Sheffield or the UK who are not fixed tailors, like the shops on Savile Row. All bespoke suits from Crown to Cuff are made in Yorkshire from Yorkshire fabrics. We are also one of the only tailors, locally or regionally, to market suits for bodybuilders and athletes, an unusual target market considering their shape and size.

Bodybuilders and athletes change shape and size daily and this presents a challenge for some tailors. Crown to Cuff are never afraid to tackle ANY SHAPE OR SIZE. We have a genuine passion for this market and totally understand the frustrations these clients face when purchasing suits from other tailors in the Leeds, Sheffield or Yorkshire areas.

All standard off-the-peg garments sold in the UK work off a 6” drop but most athletes have an 8” to 12” drop. This means off-the-peg suits can never be altered to accommodate their shape or size, and other tailors in our areas do not have the EXCLUSIVE X-frame physique block we have personally designed to meet the shapes of bodybuilders and athletes.

Interested in owning one of the bespoke suits we tailor for clients in Leeds, Sheffield and all across the UK? Call Crown to Cuff on 07734 703 066.