Crown to Cuff

About Crown to Cuff – Tailors of Fine Bespoke Suits Based in Leeds

There’s a rich tradition of high-end bespoke tailoring in Britain. You may think of fashionably dressed gentlemen taking meticulous measurements in Saville Row boutiques. At Crown to Cuff, we aim to continue this tradition, which is defined by an unwavering commitment to quality. Like the titans of tailoring on Saville Row, we create bespoke suits that fit our clients like a glove, and draw compliment and praise wherever they’re worn.

Leeds and Sheffield Athletes’ Tailor of Choice 

Over the years, Crown to Cuff has established a reputation as the Leeds, Sheffield and wider UK’s leading specialist in tailored suits for athletes. This has led to us being selected as both the official tailor to NABBA (National Amateur Bodybuilding Association) Athletes and the Bradford Bulls, a professional rugby league club. Creating bespoke suits for professional athletes is an art within an art, as their figures are often dramatically different from general members of the public – especially in the case of body building.

This speaks to our versatility; we are equally at home making wedding suits for a family in Leeds, as we are creating suits for a competitive body builder in Sheffield. If you’re interested in our tailored suits, book an appointment with us online or via the phone. We’ll be more than happy to send a tailor out to your location to take your measurements.

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Tailoring – It’s in Our Blood…

Crown to Cuff is very much a family affair, established by bespoke tailor Gareth Beckwith and his wife Michelle. Previously, Gareth had spent 15 years running various retail outlets, having gained an interest in the industry while working at Principles for Men (a UK fashion retailer founded in 1984). 

Amazingly, it was only 8 years into Gareth’s career as a bespoke tailor that he found out about the rich tailoring tradition within the Beckwith bloodline. Gareth’s grandfather was a keen and talented tailor, who filled books with detailed pictures of jackets, trousers and shirts. What’s more, his Great Grandfather was a master tailor, a feat that not many accomplish. While it may be pure coincidence, others would say that certain things really do run in the family – and for the Beckwith’s it’s tailoring! 

Wherever you are in the UK, if you need quality bespoke suits made, call Leeds based Crown to Cuff on 07734 703 066.