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At Crown to Cuff, our commitment to impeccable tailoring has garnered recognition and accolades that resonate with our passion for excellence. Founded in Leeds and covering UK-wide including Leeds, Sheffield, Leicester, Nottingham, Derby, York, Lincoln, Hull, Chesterfield, Coventry, London and beyond, our team is led by bespoke tailor and founder Gareth Beckwith.

Specialising in bespoke suits, bespoke shirts and made to measure overcoats for wedding suits, prom suits, business attire and bespoke suits for athletes and bodybuilders, the Crown to Cuff brand has become synonymous with heritage quality and creative flair for the discerning gentleman.

We humbly present a selection of honours that reflect our dedication to crafting bespoke suits that epitomise sophistication, comfort, and individuality.

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Elevating Bespoke Tailoring Standards Through Recognition

Word of our exceptional tailoring craftsmanship has reverberated across the UK, and our efforts have been celebrated with prestigious awards. These acknowledgments stand as testament to our unwavering commitment to delivering unparalleled quality to our esteemed clients.

Sharing Expertise on the Airwaves | BBC Sheffield - Expert Insights

During the UK’s World Cup fervour, BBC Sheffield recognised our expertise in tailoring and invited us to share insights on waistcoats. Embracing this opportunity, we offered valuable perspectives that resonated with our dedication to sartorial refinement.

Recognising Mastery in Athlete Tailoring | Leeds List - Commending Excellence

Leeds List, a reputable cultural platform, embarked on a journey to explore the finest and best bespoke tailors in Leeds. Their review effervescently highlighted our adeptness in catering to athletes with distinctive physiques. This acknowledgment reaffirms our commitment to tailoring excellence for all body types.

Elevating Customer Service to Excellence | Wedding Awards - Epitome of Service

With immense pride, we accepted the “Best Customer Service Award 2018” at the Wedding Awards. This prestigious recognition underscores our dedication to not only crafting exceptional suits but also providing an unparalleled client experience. Despite our boutique size, we demonstrated that excellence knows no bounds.

A Quest for Perfection Unceasing: Continuing the Journey

We embrace these honours as milestones in our journey towards perfection in bespoke tailoring. While humbled by recognition, we remain steadfast in our pursuit of elevating tailoring standards. As we continue to set new benchmarks, this page will evolve with fresh accolades that mirror our enduring commitment.

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Embark on Excellence | Choose Bespoke Tailoring with Distinction

Discover the embodiment of excellence with Crown to Cuff’s bespoke suits. Our recognised achievements stand as a testament to our commitment to delivering the finest tailored garments. To experience the finesse that accompanies our accolades, call us at 07734 703 066. Elevate your attire and embrace the legacy of Crown to Cuff’s distinguished craftsmanship.

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