At Crown to Cuff Bespoke, Gareth ensures that your wedding day will be a special
one with quality, handmade attire for the groom and the guests. Some of Gareth’s
customers discuss how he made their big days memorable:

John Barber explained how Gareth catered for his brother in law’s wedding day:‘I met
him as he’s a friend of my brothers. If we had any problems with the suits he sorted it
out straight away, I’m getting married myself so I will definitely be using him for my suit.’

Martin Grandery described how both the fitting process and the home service Crown
to Cuff delivered was exceptional:‘He was very helpful, at every stage and every
process. In fact he was more than helpful. We struggled to get the right material but
Gareth went out of his way to sort it, It was brilliant. He turned up when he said he
would and called in advance.’

Aslam Hanif highlighted the great work Gareth did for his son’s wedding day:‘He did
my son’s wedding at first and then did some other jobs for me, he came down to
measure twice. He was really quick and it was great service. I recommend him to
anyone in the world! He was absolutely brilliant.’

When Neil Blackburn’s two friends were getting married two years ago, Gareth
catered for a party of 12. Neil first met Gareth through a bodybuilding friend who saw
Gareth at a bodybuilding expo:‘There were 12 of us who descended on Gareth, all to
get measured and he really looked after us.’

Neil went on to explain how Gareth’s outstanding assistance led to them remaining
friends after the fitting process:‘It was a really, really good service. He actually kept in
touch with us on a social level. It looked so much better than an off the peg suit.’

Neil was then quick to recommend Gareth to others, whilst stating that he would buy
more suits off him:‘Oh definitely without a shadow of a doubt. I wear a suit for work
and he will get repeat custom off me.’

So if it’s your wedding, friends or a family member’s, Gareth will ensure that you look
spectacular for the big day, making this special day unforgettable. Contact Gareth
(Contact details) to see how he can cater for your wedding.

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