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Winter Bespoke Suits in Doncaster

It pays to prepare yourself for the colder climates, especially for Doncaster clients who are looking to invest in bespoke suits for the winter. At Crown to Cuff Ltd, our bespoke tailor will help you to choose the best type of fabrics for made to measure suits meant for the office or if you need assistance with warmer style wedding suits. We will even recommend ways for you to accessorise your look, making tailored suits even more versatile and practical to wear.


Warm Winter Fabrics




The rough, tight-knit tweed fabric is ideal for made to measure suits, or for jackets, waistcoats and trousers on their own. Tweed is often associated with a traditional country aesthetic, which remains a popular choice to add character to everyday tailored suits and themed wedding suits during the winter. Tweed is a highly-versatile wool fabric due to its elegant aesthetic and strength. Our bespoke tailor will also recommend how Doncaster clients can easily accessorise with different colours, textures and materials, such as leather.


Here are some of the benefits of choosing wool for made to measure suits and wedding suits too:


• Superior thermal insulation

• Breathable and allergy-safe material

• Maintains its original shape without wrinkling

• Durable fabric with fire, water, static electricity and dirt-resistant capabilities




Silk keeps us cool in the summer and warm in the winter and is one of the strongest natural materials for bespoke suits and wedding suits alike. The fabric is easy to wash and doesn’t lose its shape or colour. However, in comparison to other fabrics for tailored suits, silk is a luxurious material which will cost a bit more. If you are looking to invest in durable, long-lasting bespoke suits, silk is the perfect choice for creating a refined look for special occasions, especially for wedding suits.


Accessorise Bespoke Suits


1. Office Outfit Idea


A bespoke tailor can help you to add colour and layers to winter bespoke or made to measure suits, ideal for corporate clients of Doncaster. Adding a V-neck jumper over a shirt and under a jacket will create a smart and relaxed appearance, as well as offering an extra layer of warmth. We recommend greys, browns and dark red Italian merino wool jumpers to bring an autumnal tone to tailored suits, together with a white shirt and a lighter coloured tie.


2. Tailored Suits and Gilets


If you need tailored suits to make you look good and keep you warm while you’re out and about in Doncaster, a gilet is the perfect addition to clients who work mostly outside of the office. Our bespoke tailor will recommend slim and lightly padded gilets which are better designed for wearing underneath the jackets of tailored suits. This will provide the insulation you need and add a fashionable look to your outfit. For example, a light grey suit with a white shirt, patterned tie and dark grey gilet will seamlessly blend everything together.


3. Bespoke Suits and Cardigan Ensemble


For Doncaster men who are seeking a smart-casual look, our bespoke tailor can suggest a cardigan as an alternative to a V-neck sweater. This is a great way for clients to embrace a less formal look, adapting bespoke suits for any social occasion. Warm, natural coloured cardigans with patterns and decorative buttons will relax made to measure suits, which is a model fit for gatherings with family and friends.


For more ideas for winter bespoke suits or to book an appointment with our bespoke tailor at our shop near Doncaster, call 07734 703 066.


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