With physiques that do not conform to traditional shapes and sizes of the average
male, Gareth knows how to cater for bodybuilders’ needs to ensure a suit that fits
perfectly. Several Bodybuilders spoke out about their experience with Gareth.

Mark Etherden has been competing in the British Championships since 1996:‘I’ve
been struggling for suits in the past but when I went to see Gareth it was brilliant. I’ve
already recommended him and I will definitely get some more suits off him in the

Aaron Hudson has been Bodybuilding since 2011 and has been training for 6 years. He
first met Gareth when his wife picked up his card at a Bodypower expo ahead of their

Aaron talked about the fitting process and how an off the peg suit wasn’t an option
for him:
‘He came down twice and he got my size. I would have looked an idiot! Anything off
the peg isn’t big enough.’

Aaron also said how he would recommend Gareth to other Bodybuilders looking for a
high quality, tailored suit:‘ Yeah I have done he’s absolutely great. He’s a really nice
guy as well.’

After competing with NABBA and WABBA for 15 years, Super heavyweight Bodybuilder
Martin Stevenson recalls his experience with Gareth:‘I met Gareth at NABBA UK when
he was on the opposite stand. I got chatting to him and he’s a really nice guy. I’ve
already bought four or five suits off him.’

Martin also outlined how Gareth ensured he was given a professional look, whilst also
highlighting the excellent service that Gareth provided:‘I’m a business development
manager at Mitsubishi and I have to look the part, I wanted to look like a professional
and Gareth got that immediately’‘As I have a busy schedule, what really impressed
me about Gareth is that he’ll come and measure you. You don’t get service like that

Martin finally spoke about the great value for money Gareth’s suits were:‘It’s a
reasonable amount of money and top quality material is used to make the suits. I’ve
recommended him to not only Bodybuilders but also close friends of mine.’

So if you’re an athlete or bodybuilder who struggles to fit in an off the peg suit, see
how Gareth can tailor for your needs!

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