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Tailored Suits in Bradford for Formal Evening Wear

When you need to dress up for a formal occasion in Bradford, how do you choose between tuxedos or tailored suits? Both tuxedos and tailored suits are fitted by a bespoke tailor or rented by customers looking for graduation, prom or wedding suits. Tailored suits have become popular attire at traditional black tie ceremonies requiring guests to wear made to measure suits. As tuxedos are technically suits, how can you distinguish between the two?


Discover the differences between tailored suits and tuxedos, and how versatile bespoke suits can be for our Bradford customers.


Tuxedos and Dinner Suits


There aren’t many ways you can have tuxedos altered from the classic style to match your preferences, as you can with bespoke suits. Men in Bradford can have tuxedos fitted as made to measure suits by a bespoke tailor, but the signature look will remain the same. They are typically black or dark blue and the lapels of the jacket are made from satin or grosgrain silk, matching the stripe which runs down the outer seam of the trousers.


Traditional accessories for tuxedos are white pocket squares, bows ties, cummerbunds (or waistcoats) and black patent leather shoes. When you wear tuxedos or dinner suits, there is a sense of class and sophistication which we associate with classic Hollywood films and even James Bond. Retro party costumes and themed wedding suits for social events in Bradford can be a fun way of playing with these traditions.


Tailored Suits


When they visit the Crown to Cuff shop in Leeds for a fitting with our bespoke tailor, Bradford customers will quickly realise how flexible it is to have bespoke suits designed, including specially tailored wedding suits. In contrast to tuxedos, gentlemen can adapt tailored suits that are appropriate for smart and casual dress codes. Tuxedos are limited to black tie events in the evening after 5pm, whereas tailored made to measure suits can be worn at any time of the day.


You can still wear black patent leather shoes with tailored suits or mix it up by adding suede or even canvas shoes to your ensemble in brown, tan or two-toned colours. You will also get more wear and value from bespoke suits. While it can be handy to have a tuxedo hanging in your wardrobe, there are more opportunities to show off bespoke, made to measure suits you have invested in if you attend social gatherings and business functions in Bradford regularly. Even wedding suits can be tailored for everyday use.


Take a look at the possibilities our bespoke tailor can offer customers in the local area:


• Choose different fits, from classic (loose and comfortable), tailored suits (fitted and slightly tapered) or modern (slimmer cut throughout the jacket and trousers).

• Pick from a variety of different colours and fabrics for bespoke suits. The refined materials we use have different textures, such as tweed, mohair and silk.

• Opt for patterns that are more than just trims around the lapels and trouser seams. Fabrics from suppliers local to Bradford are available in stripes, plaid, check, tartan and more.

• Add accessories like tie bars and pocket watches to enhance your look. You can wear bow ties or power ties with optional waistcoats, or cummerbunds for bespoke suits and wedding suits alike.


Bradford customers can make an appointment with our bespoke tailor by calling 07734 703 066. We design tailored suits and made to measure suits for formal events.


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