In this blog post, Crown to Cuff tailor Gareth Beckwith recalls when he first met
Bodybuilding idol Gary Lister and also discusses his relationship with Rugby League’s
Bradford Bulls.

Gareth first met Gary Lister at a bodybuilding show when he coincidently selected a
stand alongside Lister’s main sponsors. After immediately being attracted to Gareth’s business concept, the sponsors encouraged Gary and Gareth to meet up. However, it was unbeknown to Gareth that ‘Mr Universe’ Gary Lister was guest appearing on the day. “He’s like David Beckham to a footballer in the bodybuilding world. “I was just in awe, I couldn’t believe it. I had no idea he was coming down. They
introduced me to Gary and he’s a really humble guy and very softly spoken. When I
shook his hand it buried my hand!” Crown to Cuff are now into their third year of
sponsoring Gary.

“His name, his brand and his body reinforces what I’m doing that nobody else is
doing at the moment.” Gareth also spoke about his experiences and ever growing
relationship with the Bradford Bulls. He first met the Bradford Bulls when Jeff Banks
asked him to measure them up for a Debenhams casual range: “I measured 9 of the
Bulls players and 5 of the directors. It was great, it was a really fun day measuring
them up and getting to pick bits of cloth. I’ve got really friendly with some of the

Gareth also expressed how working with the Bulls has driven his admiration for both
them and the sport:“I wasn’t massively into the Bulls but I am now. My girlfriend has
been a Bulls fan forever and I think I’m going really get into the sport now off the back
of this.”

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