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Tailored Suits in Birmingham for the Perfect Fit

One of the best ways to choose from the many different styles of tailored suits is to get ideas from the movies. Our bespoke tailor at Crown to Cuff Ltd in Leeds designs cutting-edge ensembles and wedding suits for in the Birmingham area, and has many years of experience in the fashion retail sector.

Take a look at some of the top Hollywood icons and their bespoke suits on this page, which can be used to inspire made to measure suits just for you.


Classic Hollywood Icons


Cary Grant


The classic Saville Row suit worn by Cary Grant in North by Northwest ranks as one of the most timeless tailored suits to grace the cinema screen. The Birmingham gentleman can replicate Grant’s debonair look for sophisticated wedding suits or for general attire. The traditional, grey plaid jacket is loose and broad across the shoulders. However, if you prefer made to measure suits, the style can be updated for a trimmer fit.


The services we provide at Crown to Cuff are inspired by Saville Row’s finest tailors. One of our most distinguished fabric suppliers in the local area is Cloth Dormeuil; a textile company that has designed bespoke suits for royalty and celebrities since 1842. Our Birmingham customers can rely on expert advice from our bespoke tailor and implicitly trust the quality materials we use.


Sean Connery


A popular choice in wedding suits for men is the James Bond tuxedo. One of Sean Connery’s most influential tailored suits appears in Goldfinger. Connery can be seen in a white and grey three-piece that is similar to Cary Grant’s grey plaid version, but with the extra buttoned-down waistcoat.


Modern men of Birmingham can base their three-piece bespoke suits on both Sean Connery and Daniel Craig, following the costume homage in Casino Royale. In this movie, one of Craig’s made to measure suits includes a navy three-piece with a metallic tie.


Modern Fits from the Big Screen


Tom Hiddleston


At big screen premieres, Tom Hiddleston has been sporting traditional style tailored suits with a narrower fit. What makes his bespoke suits stand out is the spectrum of cooler colours, from light and dark grey to cerulean and navy blue. The subtle shades of blue extend to the shirt and pocket squares, bringing the outfit together.


For Birmingham gentlemen of a similar build, the bespoke tailor at Crown and Cuff can imitate Hiddleston’s silhouette with a slim, tapered fit around the shoulders, arms and waist with modern made to measure suits. The actor also incorporates accessories, including waistcoats and tie bars which are ideal to add to wedding suits.


This blend of traditional and contemporary styles will surely make bespoke suits look trendy at hotspots around Birmingham.


Dan Stevens


Breaking out from the early 20th century wardrobe featured in Downton Abbey, actor Dan Stevens has recently been modelling contemporary tailored suits. These include classic fit, double-breasted jackets with a slimmer profile. The cut is complemented by a range of stripes and monochromatic colours, with shades of olive and military green.


Our bespoke tailor can suggest similar colours and fabrics to achieve this look for our Birmingham customers, supplied by a wide range of UK fabric companies. Our selection of high-quality materials includes different textures of silk, pure worsted wool or cashmere, which adds character to the bespoke suits we can create.


For made to measure suits influenced by the stars, visit our outlet in Leeds. Birmingham customers can call 07734 703 066 to book an appointment with our bespoke tailor.


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