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Finishing Touches & Jewellery for Leeds, Sheffield & the wider UK

At Crown to Cuff, we don’t just tailor high-quality bespoke suits for the discerning gentleman, we also sell a wide range of accessories. If you’d like any more information on the products detailed below, don’t hesitate to give us a call on 07734 703 066.

Alternatively, please click on the button to view more products and their prices in our brochure.

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Crown to Cuff stocks leather shoes designed and made by Eves & Gray, a designer which creates distinctive, forward thinking footwear which references the best aspects of the traditional. Their motto is “subtly extrovert”, which sums them up perfectly.

If you’re searching for high quality, durable leather shoes that will perfectly complement the bespoke suits we’ve tailored for you, Eves & Gray’s designs are a fantastic option.


We’ve teamed up with Dugdale Bros to provide our clients with made-to-order bespoke braces. Pick a material, pattern and a number of other options to come up with something entirely unique. Whether you’re looking for high-end braces that match the colour and style of your new bespoke suits, or you’re looking for creatively designed braces that showcase your personality, the ball is in your court.

Our bespoke braces cost £125. It may take up to six weeks to receive your braces, so if you’re intending to wear them to a specific occasion, please give us enough notice to ensure you get them in time.

Pocket Watches

The pocket watch is a timeless accessory that exudes class and charm. We have a range of pocket watches, from simple engraved timepieces, to more ornate examples.

pocket watchpocket watch 2pocket watch 3


Below we’ve listed the full range of accessories that we supply clients in Leeds, Sheffield and further afield across the wider UK. They include striking sets of cufflinks that perfectly complement our tailored suits.

cuff links 1cuff links 2cuff links 3
Cuff Links
decanter 1decanter 2decanter 3
decanter 1decanter 2decanter 3
tiebars 1tiebars 2tiebars 3
photo frame 1photo frame 2photo frame 3
Photo Frames
Hipflasks 1Hipflasks 2Hipflasks 3

If you’re looking to purchase any of the above products, call Crown to Cuff on 07734 703 066.