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Made to Measure and Bespoke Suits in Halifax

Our bespoke tailor offers clients in Halifax and the local areas with a dedicated service to create high-quality, made to measure suits and bespoke suits for every occasion. If you need tailored suits for the office or a specially-themed wedding suits, we carry out expert fittings using premium fabrics at affordable prices. Here you can learn more about the differences between made to measure suits and bespoke suits, plus their unique benefits.


Differences Between Bespoke and Made to Measure Suits


Suit Patterns


• Made to Measure Suits - When it comes to standard tailored suits, these can be modified from a pattern, depending on the shape of the Halifax client. This varies from the length of the jacket, size of the arm holes and the width of the shoulders. Computer Aided Design (CAD) for precise machine-cutting techniques is another creative process that can define the difference between made to measure suits and bespoke suits.

• Bespoke Suits - There is no modification needed as a new pattern is created by our bespoke tailor, which is unique to each Halifax client. Bespoke suits are designed to fit different body types, which take onto account exact measurements and contours, such as the shape of the shoulders and the posture of the back. Whereas using a base pattern can limit the individuality. This is a perfect way to make wedding suits more distinctive.


Number of Suit Fittings


• Made to Measure Suits - A bespoke tailor will take the measurements and discuss designs for made to measure tailored suits or wedding suits during an initial fitting. Once this has been completed, Halifax clients usually only need to return for a second fitting to try on their new suit. However, alterations may need to be made for a third and final fitting.

• Bespoke Suits – Firstly, there is the baste fitting (modelling the cloth with the white basting cotton), then the forward baste fitting (progressing to a fuller design with width adjustments that can be made to the shape, lapels and buttons). Thirdly, Halifax clients may require a ‘fin bar fin’ fitting (which translates to mean, ‘nearly there’) for final touches. The multiple fittings allow clients to see the progress of bespoke suits, such as wedding suits before the big day, and a bespoke tailor can ensure any modifications match the precise fit.


Choosing the Fabric


Both made to measure suits and bespoke suits are made from a variety of refined fabrics, supplied by national and local manufacturers in the Halifax area. These range from standard to premium priced materials, depending on your budget and style. Our trusted suppliers for tailored suits include Holland & Sherry, for tartan, tweed and fine wool from Yorkshire, Scotland, as well as Brook Taverner whose fabrics are ideal for wedding suits.


Customising Your Design


• Made to Measure Suits – Halifax clients can customise their tailored suits by adding more buttons, in addition to picking a pocket style, or varying the cuffs and trouser pleats.

• Bespoke Suits – There are unlimited choices for customising your own design, including the width of the lapels and type of interior lining. We can also recommend a range of accessories, such as shoes, braces and pocket watches to add even more character to your ensemble.


For more ideas for bespoke suits or to book an appointment with our bespoke tailor at our shop near Halifax, call 07734 703 066.


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