Bespoke Suits for Your Wedding Day in Leeds

There’s a lot to think about when planning a wedding. One of the most important parts is deciding on what you’re going to wear. If it’s your first time looking at wedding suits, then the whole process may seem a little daunting. After all, not everyone has invested in tailored suits before. On this page, for the benefit of prospective clients near our hometown of Leeds, we’ve provided advice on the type of bespoke suits that are most likely to live up to the occasion.



Buying Wedding Suits – Tips for Grooms around the Leeds Area


AVOID THE BOARDROOM LOOK – Recycling or renting a suit that says “corporate professional” rather than “husband-to-be” isn’t a good look. Steer clear of looking like you’re hosting a boardroom meeting. If you’re one of our Leeds clients who wears tailored suits to work, consider the fact that wedding suits don’t need to be as functional as day-to-day ones. Their primary purpose is to ensure you look great at the altar, and in all photos commemorating your big day. So mix it up a bit! Consider suits with a bit of flair, for example with a strikingly shaped lapel and intricate pocket details. A special day requires a special suit. Crown to Cuff make suits that flatter the individual, so if you’re unsure about what will best fit the bill, call us to schedule an appointment.


FABRIC & FITTING – Perfect wedding suits are a combination of fabric and fitting. While our experts will ensure that our tailored suits fit you perfectly, the choice of fabric is really down to you. Bespoke suits made from heavier fabrics are better at holding their shape. Both barathea and wool mohair hold shape well, for example. There are also a number of light fabrics that create striking silhouettes, like lightweight tweed. To see all the different fabrics available to you, book an appointment with our Leeds based tailor – we can also talk over the type of fit you’d best like and will travel to you, wherever you are in the UK.


CONSIDER RE-WEAR VALUE – If you have your heart set on wearing your wedding suit for other occasions or events around Leeds, then choose something versatile. A tuxedo-like suit is incredibly situational, and unless you regularly wine-and-dine with high society, it will likely go unused beyond your big day. But it’s certainly possible to achieve a middle-ground between truly “one-off” wedding suits and beautiful tailored suits you’ll want to wear time and time again.


COMPLETING THE ENSEMBLE – There are all sorts of finishing touches that can turn near-perfect tailored suits into perfect wedding suits. Quality shoes that match the tone of the suit are essential. You may want to go for a brogue, or perhaps keep it simple with a traditional, simple black shoe. It’s a matter of taste. Likewise, a shirt that keeps with the theme of your get-up is essential. Otherwise it could distract from the elegance of the suit.


Then there are a number of other ways to accessorise bespoke suits. Crown to Cuff stocks ties, hankies, cufflinks, shirts, braces, pocket watches and tie bars. While we’d recommend that our Leeds clients keep suits clean and elegant – many find that certain accessories can complete an ensemble.


Looking to buy wedding suits from a Leeds based tailor with an outstanding reputation? Call Crown to Cuff on 07734 703 066.

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