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If you’re one of our Huddersfield clients who has recently bought one of Crown to Cuff’s bespoke suits, congratulations on your purchase. Our suits are made to last and really look the part. However, there are a few things you should be aware of when it comes to keeping your tailored suits in good shape without causing any long-term damage to them. On this page, we’ve provided some information on looking after bespoke suits / wedding suits.  If you have any questions for us after having read through the below, we urge you to give us a call on 07734 703 066.


Looking After Your New Bespoke Suit


Avoid Over Dry-cleaning – One of the common mistakes that new owners of bespoke suits around Huddersfield make is taking them to the dry-cleaners too often. The chemicals that are used in the dry-cleaning process can damage suits over time, changing the way they fit and reducing their lifespan, so to speak. With off the rail suits / wedding suits, you can afford to dry-clean them regularly, as the build quality and aesthetic is usually fairly middle of the road, so replacing them isn’t the end of the world. But when you’ve just invested in stunning tailored suits, you certainly want to ensure they last for a long time to come. We recommend dry-cleaning our suits a maximum of four times a year, once per quarter (or if/when you’re unfortunate enough to spill something on it and need the stain removed immediately).


Press Out Creases – After a long-day at your Huddersfield office (or at the chapel, if you’ve bought one of our wedding suits), you may find that your attire has collected some creases. Don’t use an iron on tailored suits, whatever you do! Use a press or steam the crease out. If you don’t have a press, try hanging your suit up in the bathroom while you take a shower. Minor creases will be banished by the stream that accumulates (provided you’re not a big fan of the early morning wake-me-up cold shower). More severe creases can be quickly dealt with at one of the Huddersfield area’s many dry cleaners. Just make sure they don’t clean it; request they just press it.


Choose the Right Hangar – This might sound absurd, but the hangars you place bespoke suits on can really make a difference to the fit. This gets increasingly noticeable over a long-enough period of time. We recommend that our Huddersfield clients place their tailored suits or wedding suits on larger hangars specially designed to support the cut of suits. We have plenty, and will provide them to you on purchase. Just be careful you don’t end up placing your suits on smaller hangars as their padding/fabric may droop over and slowly loose form.


Rotate Suits – Not every person in Huddersfield can afford to have a large number of tailored suits to constantly rotate throughout the week, but wearing one suit day after day isn’t healthy for it. The moisture a suit accumulates from your day-to-day sweat needs time to evaporate, and daily use also causes stress areas like the crotch and seams to really take a beating. Wearing a suit on back-to-back days isn’t a problem, but three or four days in a row? We wouldn’t recommend it. If you’re a fashion savvy Huddersfield man who likes to wear suits day in and day out, get a couple more to throw in the rotation, even if one is an inferior “off the rail” suit that can be worn when you don’t need to make a great impression. We find that most of our clients don’t wear tailored suits every day of the week and weekend, however – so generally speaking you shouldn’t need to invest in seven, one for every day of the week!


Keep Them Covered – Suit bags protect against dust accumulating and against the bane of the bespoke suits – moths. They also come in handy should you be looking to take suits on a trip to a meeting, for example, as they shield them from the weather and help keep them creaseless. They’re a relatively simple and inexpensive way to keep your business and wedding suits in good shape for a time to come.


If you live in Huddersfield and are in the market for high quality bespoke suits, give the master tailors at Crown to Cuff a call on 07734 703 066.

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