Crafting Stunning Bespoke Suits for Style-Savvy Men in Harrogate

If it’s your first time buying bespoke suits, there are a few things you should keep in mind, especially if you’re making the transition from off-the-rails suits, which are fundamentally different in many different ways.  While our tailors will help you throughout the process, ensuring you are fully informed about all the intricacies that are involved in the creation of professional tailored suits or wedding suits, we advise our Harrogate clients to read through the following advice so you can be 100% sure of your stylistic choices when your fitting appointment rolls round.


Things to Consider When Buying Tailored Suits in Harrogate


Fabric First


No matter how skilled the tailor, if you don’t choose fabrics you love the look and feel of, it’s unlikely you’ll be truly happy with your finished suits. There are many different types of fabric we use, from industry leading suppliers like: Cloth Dormeuil, Dugdale Bros & Co, Batemen, Ogden & Co Ltd, Huddersfield Fine Worsteds, Scabal, Holland & Sherry, Smith & Co. (Woolens) Ltd, and Brook Taverner. By using fine fabrics from such reputable suppliers, we are able to make the finest tailored suits / wedding suits that you can find in the Harrogate area.


If you’re unsure which types of material will be best suited to your needs, we’ll be able to show you a huge range of fabric samples, from delicate and light ones to more heavy-duty, rugged ones. Some feature patterns and pinstripes, so if you’re looking to invest in “statement” bespoke suits we have you covered. If you want something more low-key and casual, then we have a number of monochromatic, un-patterned materials which are elegant and understated.

We recommend any of our Harrogate clients who are new to buying tailored suits or wedding suits take a look at 100% worsted wool material in the super 110s-120s thread count range. These have luxurious looks but are still very tough, and are a great place to start from. If you’ve only ever worn synthetic blend suits before trying 100% worsted wool, you’ll be amazed at the difference in quality.


Avoid Trends


Trends come and go, and rarely does a trend transition to being viewed as a “timeless” style, especially in the world of tailored suits. Avoid investing your hard earned money in bespoke suits made from materials or in a style that is being touted as the “autumn’s look” by a men’s fashion mag. It’s their job to fish for cutting edge styles, but we can guarantee when the look is suddenly judged unfashionable, you’re going to be wishing you went for something more classic.

There are so many different classic styles of suit that are just as well-thought of now as when they were first conceived. If you’re a Harrogate client making their first foray into the world of bespoke suits or wedding suits, choose something that will always be in style.


Hitting the Gym? Tell Your Tailor…


Obviously, the whole idea of tailored suits is that they’re precisely cut to suit your body and no one else’s. But if you’re planning on loosing or gaining weight, or perhaps looking to add some muscle over the next few months, it’s worth telling your tailor who may advise you to wait a little while until having your suits fitted. Otherwise, it could prove rather expensive to have completely new suits to be made for your new and improved figure. The alternative is that your tailored suits don’t look tailored at all, and like something you’ve bought off the rack of a Harrogate retailer that’s the wrong size entirely!


Avoid “Cheap” Custom Tailors


It may be that you’re shopping around the Harrogate area to see how cheap you can get tailored suits or wedding suits made for. We’d urge you be suspicious of anyone who prides themselves on offering extremely cheap prices compared with other, perhaps more reputable tailors. At the end of the day, making bespoke suits is an art form, and for quality materials, craftsmanship and service – expect to pay considerably more than you would for a cheap store bought non-tailored suit.


While you may find a reputable provider who offers great value for money, there’s many a questionable tailor who cuts corners and uses inferior materials in order to cash in on Harrogate men who might be buying their first tailored suits. These won’t look as good, won’t fit as well and won’t last as long as properly made bespoke suits. Be sure to take a look at their past work, investigate their reputation online and find out the kinds of fabric suppliers they work with before committing to a purchase. At Crown to Cuff, we believe we offer great value for money without cutting corners or compromising a true master tailor’s code of ethics.


For more advice on bespoke and tailored suits, or to arrange a meeting in Harrogate with a Crown to Cuff tailor, call 07734 703 066.

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